Service User Testimonies

Testimonies from NTDSS Service Users

“This service has afforded me the opportunity to be able to live in my own home in a dignified manner and to enjoy the same rights as my non-disabled peers. ¬†Without this service I would have no choice as to where I could live, it would have to be residential care.”

“This support service has given my family the opportunity to take part in activities previously denied to them because of their caring commitment.”

A lady with MS using this service.

“This support service has afforded me the opportunity to further training, education and other activities, which would be impossible for me to participate in otherwise.”

A visually impaired young mother using this service.

“Having had a disability for a number of years without having the use of a P.A., this service has made a huge difference to my life and has given me the freedom to take part in many activities that would not have been possible.”

“This is a wonderful service and I feel I have a good working relationship with my P.A., and have full control over choices and freedom in all decision making.”