About Us

North Tipperary Disability Support Service is a not-for-profit registered charity, founded in 2001.

NTDSS provides a Personal Assistant service for persons with disabilities, known within the organisation as Service Users.  We receive funding from the Health Service Executive (HSE).  Our network of Personal Assistants work entirely at the direction of their Service Users, assisting them in any way deemed beneficial by the Service Users themselves.  Their relationship is one of employer / employee.  NTDSS does not force any routine or living situation onto any of their Service Users.  Continuous dialogue will exist between NTDSS management, Personal Assistants, Service Users, family of Service Users and healthcare professionals to help determine how to best meet the needs of each individual Service User.

The support offered by Personal Assistants may cover a wide range of areas.  Our Personal Assistants are trained to assist with personal care issues such as dressing and bathing, but can equally be assigned to provide transport for social engagements, to collect shopping, pensions or prescriptions, to assist with the course of therapy programmes or to help administer medications and treatments.